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Showbox down

Is showbox down

Is showbox down or its just you?

Well firstly is up at the time of writing.
The post is updated regularly. When ever showbox is down for more than one day.
So today in this post we will you if showbox is down and if yes when will be up again or it’s down forever.
Firstly we need to understand why showbox gets down
The meaning of down is the downtime of the servers of the showbox.
How to know if showbox is down
Easy, you can easily figure out if it down or not by opening the app and checking if there is a blackout in the app. The blackout means

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Reasons why showbox is down

  • Updating

The appĀ  sometimesgets down occasionally when they need to update the servers.

This is very rare and I haven’t seen showbox is down due to server updates.
But usually the servers are updated the traffic of the server is transferred to another so that the app works.
The best solution is to wait for some time. Till the servers are up again
Or else use vpn

  • Overloaded servers
    Many times when a big show is released like fear the walking dead
    So lot of users who were no using showbox again starts using it.
    Thus the server become overloaded
    The easiest solution is to change the vpn.
    VPN is a virtual private network by which you can change your location.
  • Copyright
    It is a common problem with such apps
    With such apps because many companies try to Sue the app so showbox is becomes down until it the copyright is removed.

So this was my take on is showbox is down or not
Well if it is showbox is down then we will definitely tell you here.
If you want you can bookmark this page for further updates.

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