WhatsApp status revolution

WhatsApp app this app was launched around 9 years and has became one of the most downloaded app in the world

This app has became a basic necessities of our like just like everything else

WhatsApp has made our life a lot more easy and normal

Firstly Whatsapp was a paid application and was served on annual fees but after Facebook bought WhatsApp they changed everything

WhatsApp was changed drastically

Facebook gave the awesome touch to the app

Like other thing they added features of stories and other functions

The stories on WhatsApp is called WhatsApp status

There are many types of WhatsApp status

Such as

Love whatsapp status

When you feel love is in the air or you just need to say something to someone who is special for you then this is the best way

Attitude WhatsApp status

It is the way to show your vibe of positivity to the rest of the world in a simple manner

Sad Whatsapp status

As you sometimes need to a hug from your friend you may use this trick

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